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  Are we done with these yet? Click HERE to see how far along we are.   Extracurricular activities are in the WEIRD ART section.  
  Here are some Mask Beads (in no particular order).   Make your own creatures with Mask Bead Stands...as seen on Ebay!  




  They say that tweaking animal pics with Photoshop can be both fun and lucrative - we just haven't figured out the lucrative part yet. Check out Animal Prints for birds, lizards, tiny hedgehogs, beards...   If faux holiday myths are your passion click Failed Legends and learn how a sallow file clerk changed American Presidential history, almost. By Cathy and Don.  
  Objets d'Arts Things Cathy spends a little more time on sometimes end up here.   Lost School of Madison is a group of people who have been getting together and working on collective oil pastel and line drawings for more than a decade. Alcohol is involved.  
      Kerry Shea uses animal forms to expressive / whimsical ends. Her pieces on display at the store are favorites of Lucy the Lizard.  

Aardvark Art Glass / 819 E Johnson Street / Madison, WI 53703 / aardart@aol.com